Research and Development

Man-power: Dollar’s biggest resource

Dollar is enthusiastically involved in creating new-fangled spur progressions and products to improve profitability and to pick up a growth pace. Our specialized teams of trend-spectators keep a close watch on the emerging trends.

Our biggest resource is man-power. For us, training is essential since technology is ever developing. Systems and practices get outdated soon due to new discoveries in technology including technical, managerial and behavioral aspects. At Dollar, we go to lengths to provide our people with the requisite training they need to realize their fullest potential.

Change is trend

“Change is the new constant”. Every season, after surveying global trends, we come up with new and improved versions of our products. Our perceptible evolution from cotton to Supima cotton to Micro Modal fabric to Egyptian cotton has on the ball. MLM Software A designer laid a hand on innovation in product’s pattern and style. It can be seen in the bold graphic prints for Force Designer T-shirts, pop colours and glow shine waist bands for briefs and trunks and using abstract patterns increase its enhancement.

Trend is evident

Texture adds its comfortable and distinctive touch to Ultra Thermal range and Winter-care. We have diversified our missy ranges from inner wears to outer wears. Not only has that from black and white we raised our bar to 76 different leggings shades which are up-to-the-minute. Fittings have always been our precedence.

We have our fully equipped research and development and designer team whose clasp on the recent market trends is evident.